Are we just self-appointed hall monitors?

It takes years of writing a blog to realize what you are really doing. You do not want to be a nag, but you are. You are not just a writer desperate for an editor—but oh how you need one! You sat down at the computer this morning with the concept of being a hall monitor running through your mind.

Hall monitors are an American phenomenon. As a youngster in high school, we Canadian kids were still Brit enough to recognize the need for self discipline. The only supervision needed when attending high school was provided by teachers on their way to their own washroom breaks.

The only problem with being a blogger in this age is that most should not be. It gives the entire body of work a bad name. It takes years to build a solid audience and here you are, trying to present cogent arguments, in a world of 140-character twitters. That is not fair.

What does it profit us to have to reduce our 1000-plus word discussions down to 400-word comments? And yet we find that we have increased our readership three-fold. We live in a world of simpler words, shorter sentences and two or three sentence paragraphs but we still complain about the emoticons used in our teenagers’ texts.

But do we really have anything to say? Most bloggers appear to think the world is interested in them and every other sentence seems to start with “I.” Boring! Diaries are okay but if you think you are Samuel Pepes, Anne Frank or Boswell’s Dr. Johnson, you might have further to go than you realize.

You can probably deduce that this writer is opposed to destroying our environment with bitumen, has little use for conservative ideologues, royalty and eating parsnip. It comes with being honest about being a liberal. And when Liberal parties wander from liberal principles and think they are some entitled ruling class, they are going to hear differently from this writer.

And ‘no,’ we are not perfect. The other day we used a plural verb with a singular noun and we expected to hear about it. It was deliberate and nobody noticed. We are chagrined.

We do our best to develop dialogue. We really do appreciate hearing from readers. We know you are out there. Google Analytics tells us about our readers. We know where you are from, whether you are new or returning and what you are reading. No personal information is involved. We are strong believers in personal privacy.

Maybe tomorrow, we will get back to the bloody bitumen. This was cathartic.


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