Ontario’s Beer Store fights back.

There was a robocall from The Beer Store the other day. The cheap bastards would not spend a nickel to call in person. They sent a recording to do a man’s job. (That is not sexist, it was a man’s voice.) They want to talk with Ontario beer drinkers and gin bottle returners about the ruction concerning their beer distribution and retailing monopoly. They are going to hold one of those telephonic “virtual town halls.” That is a town hall where they pick the comments they want heard and you are expected to listen to propaganda.

Thanks but no thanks. It is bad enough when you have to hold your nose to dump your recycle and buy a two-four. You should hardly have to listen to the bad smell as well.

It is getting so bad at “The Worst Beer Store in Ontario” that we really must relay a recent event: It happened when waiting patiently in line with a week’s meagre collection of wine and beer bottles. The delay was caused by two scruffy gentlemen who had obviously spent the morning beating the garbage trucks to the recycling boxes. Their bonanza of bottles and crushed cans in three shopping buggies took time to sort. People coming in behind us were nonplused by the delay and became impatient. In their rush to get about their business, they offered their empties to this writer. That extra $13.65 was enough for us to get a premium beer instead of the usual economy brand that day.

But we hardly expect that to become a regular supplement to our pension.

It is obvious from that robocall that The Beer Store is concerned. Maybe we are finally getting through to those do-nothing nobodies at Queen’s Park. And if the foreign owners of the Beer Store are worried, that might be half the battle.

It appears they are going to build a campaign based on slandering convenience stores because they might sell beer and wine to minors. Knowing how successful Ontario has been at keeping those stores from selling cigarettes to minors, that is a scurrilous approach.

It is our politicians who have to grow up and smell the roses. It would be a bloody shame to let Timmy Hudak and his Conservative Neanderthals win an election by offering to modernize beer and liquor sales in this province.

Kathleen Wynne is quickly reaching the point of no return and unless she gets her act together and pays some attention, she is going to be toast. She has to face the fact that the votes in Ontario come from ordinary people across the province and not just from large law firms in downtown Toronto.


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