The branding of Premier Wynne: Loser.

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne has a problem with Ontario voters. They have taken her measure. She has been found wanting. It is not her politics. It is not her demeanour. It is not her sexual orientation. She simply fails to lead.

And she has put the voters in a hell of a mess. They have no reason to vote for her. And they have no strong wish to vote for either of the other party leaders. When you add all the pluses and minuses facing voters, an election could leave Ontario with Premier Andrea Horwath and a minority New Democrat government. Just think of that problem!

A year ago, Kathleen Wynne could have called an election and won. At that time, she could have offered hope and renewal. She could have looked like a leader. A year later, all she can say is that she stayed in office because of New Democrat support.

And you would think that a budget approved by New Democrats would have more goodies in it than what Finance Minister Charles Sousa produced. Charles does not seem to listen either. And he thought he had the stuff for leadership! If you do not know what leadership is buster, you do not get to play with the big kids!

So, here are the choices folks: First choice is that Kathleen Wynne resign; Second is that Kathleen Wynne discovers leadership, rebrands herself and does something; And third that Kathleen Wynne call a provincial election instead of waiting for Andrea Horwath to pull the plug. When you are on life-support is no time to be dithering.

Sure the first choice means that the opposition at Queen’s Park could pull the plug on the Liberals while they are leaderless but if they were in the middle of an open and honest leadership race, the possibilities could engage the voters. And we have to face the facts: none of the three present leaders is a much better choice than any of the present leaders.

Of course, the second choice is the most expensive. Rebranding any product is expensive. Any experienced marketing person can tell you that. It is a possibility but it would take some very hard-nosed political thinking to come up with the new branding. Bear in mind, the job is done with a rifle, not a shotgun. And there are no mulligans (do-overs) in this political game.

The third choice is the highest risk. To call an immediate election would take guts. And it would take an all-out attack on both Hudak and Horwath. There can be no quarter given. And Wynne could not expect any quarter either.


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