On a play date with the Hair in Holland.

The Hair and friends are not going to let that kid Vladimir play in the G8 sandbox this time. The newly described G7 are meeting in The Hague this week and all the talk is about the member who is not there. It is all about Vladimir the Victor: He corrected history and easily won the Crimean War.

And the emasculated G7 are sitting around asking each other what to do. If they would just let Old Vladimir play, he would certainly be the one to tell them what they can do with themselves.

Now the G7 can understand Neville Chamberlain’s historical return to England from the Munich Conference with his claim of “Peace for our time”!

But the key question all countries should be raising at this point is: What is the objective of this play date? Are the kids really learning to play nice? Why do we pay for this? Is it just a place to posture? Is it necessary to have a place to say this important leader or that important leader is my friend?

The reality is that these meetings are to improve understanding. The ground work has hopefully all been done by underlings. This is a venue to come to conclusions and sign the deals. If you have nothing to decide or sign, is it just a very expensive social event?

Nobody at that social event in The Hague is going to suggest going to war. And that is not just because Putin can fight back. Russia might be the only relatively civilized country in the world that still thinks might is right. The only country capable of decimating the Russian population is the United States of America and President Obama will tell you that he has his own problems.

And for the rest of those kids, France and Germany have historical reality to face in that they know invading Russia is a lost cause before you start. They know that between the size of the Russian army and the cold of the Russian winter, nobody can win. Why waste your time and money?

But the Hair is still posturing. Nobody seems to have the heart to tell him that while they are willing to have their picture taken with him it is the only help they can give him for next year’s election. Canadians already know what a mess the Hair has already made of Canada’s foreign relations and it is going to take years to restore our country to its former good reputation.


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