Ontario voters reject economists.

Watching economist Don Drummond on Tom Clark’s Global Television show the other day, you could understand why Ontario does not elect economists. Conservative Leader Timmy Hudak is an economist (?) and we are seeing the back of him. And people like Drummond need not apply.

Economics itself is not the dismal science. It is more the dismal dialogue of those who practice such a dark art. Drummond did not appear to offer anything positive. And, for that matter, neither did Timmy Hudak! It is not like that rare event of finding a bank manager with a sense of humour. You do your best to keep that one with you.

We mention bank managers by way of reintroducing Charles Sousa. We fully expect that Premier Kathleen Wynne is going to keep the Mississauga MPP on as Finance Minister. This is not because of Charles’ brilliance or particularly outstanding record. He just happens to be one of the members of the newly enlarged Liberal caucus at Queen’s Park with a background in banking. He has the dour demeanour of a banker but really is a nice guy when you get him away from behind a desk.

But has he blown all his humanitarian credentials in the left-wing budget he is supposed to reintroduce in a couple weeks? Does he have to stop there? Is there some code that says if he does something nice this year, he has to screw us next year? And hey, is that not what you are supposed to do when your party has a majority and three years before facing the next election?

Charles needs to notice that the Liberals won this election with a decidedly left-wing bent to their political promises. Ms. Wynne has positioned her party as doing things for people, not to people. It behoves Charles to continue to follow through on that train.

This will take creative thinking. The Liberals have made some expensive promises and Charles has to make sure that these promises are kept, pain and payment free. To do this, he needs help. He needs to optimize proved revenue sources. He needs more revenue from alcohol, casinos, entertainment and fun. Sure he can squeeze a few more dollars out of the high wage earners and corporations but the real revenues are in sin taxes.

Think of it Charles, you can give Woodbine Entertainment that casino it wants and thumb your nose at Toronto Council. Kanata, outside of Ottawa needs a casino resort also. You will be a hero if these places are in operation before the next election.

And how would you like to double your revenue on alcohol? We will save that gem for another day.


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