All Andrea Horwath has is her hubris.

When New Democrat Leader Andrea Horwath finally came out of hiding after the Ontario election, her pride (hubris) was all she had left. She has a caucus to lead and since they have nobody better, Andrea is still their leader.

But Andrea’s decision to force an election produced no victory. To hold just 21 seats in a general election that saw only a couple per cent over 50 per cent of the voters get to the polls was a sign of weakness for the Ontario New Democrats. Where was their vaunted strength in getting out their vote? Is 12 per cent of the total possible vote all that was there for them? That low a figure speaks volumes.

The losers in this 2014 Ontario General Election were the voters who declined their vote, spoiled their ballot or did not show up at the polls. That is roughly four million people. These people had no person or party on the ballot for who they cared enough to vote.

Andrea Horwath can take no pride in that. Nor can Kathleen Wynn. The party knives were ready for Timmy Hudak as soon as he tried to quell rebellion. Timmy is toast.

So is Andrea. The Ontario New Democrats just have to wait for their next convention. It gives a few possible successors time to build a convention team, source the funds required and plan their attack. They are going to bake the Pillsbury dough girl. Not because of their ambition alone but because the party needs them to survive.

And with this election and the federal tryst next year, the possible future of the New Democrats has to be decided. And the Ontario New Democrats will have to show the way. What New Democrats have to realize is that if they are truly loyal to the cause of socialism, they have to find a more effective means of achieving greater power.

One of the easiest ways to achieve success for the 99 per cent and to right the wrongs of corrupted capitalism is for the New Democrats to join the Liberal Party. Their numbers alone will give them the power and the influence needed to make the long strides in social progress.

And in that step, every New Democrat can join Andrea’s pride. She has proved that the party cannot move to the right of the Liberals and succeed. Federal New Democrat Leader Tommy Mulcair is also going to find that out next year. The Ontario New Democrats can move forward by planning their steps over the next two years.


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