The Hair’s annual northern holiday.

We Canadians seem to enjoy our regular getaways but the Hair beats us all. How many times is this now that the Hair and his hairdresser and his wife have headed for the Arctic during the dog days of the Ottawa summer? Sure, it guarantees full coverage by the servile news media—that has nothing else to report on. It also saves the Hair the tedium of talking to other dull Conservatives on the political barbeque circuit.

Just think of how much money Canadians could save if those scenic sets he goes to could just be blown up pictures in the backyard at 24 Sussex Drive. He never says anything there anyway. If his wife has to hold that lock-jawed smile much longer, she is going to break her Cover Girl certified Girl-Next-Door look. And, as for the Hair, he could keep his heavily lacquered hairpiece firmly in place out of the wind.

You have to admit, the Hair is the stiffest Prime Minister Canada has ever had. Go as far back as Sir John A. Macdonald and you have to admit for a drunk, old Sir John did more for this country than a priss like Harper the Hair.

Back when the Hair was first trying to get elected as head of the Conservative Party, they dressed him in knit sweaters and softened his make up to appear harmless. Canadians no longer think he is harmless. They have his number and it is up. They know it is better to elect a naϊve kid like Justin Trudeau than a fuddy-duddy like the Hair.

Whether he can blame it on his stupid staff or it was his idea, the Hair’s recent handling of the question about an enquiry on missing aboriginal women was some of the worst politics we have ever seen. When the police have just taken the body of a beautiful young girl out of the water where it was discarded, is no time to say the continuing problem is just a police matter. That is insensitive ignorance and the man will pay the price.

There is an obvious and systemic problem across this country in regards to our native peoples and it is about time we recognized it. In one of the most diverse countries in the world, we need leaders who can recognize bigotry.

But then the Hair is too busy on his summer cruise of the Arctic. If he had anything but denial in mind for global warming, he would wonder why there is now so much open water. Maybe the man is sleepwalking on the job.


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