Who is this Sun Media boor Levant?

We hardly live a totally sheltered life here in Babel. Sun Media owns the only daily newspaper and the odd free copy takes about three minutes to thumb through and discard. We are supposed to get Sun News on our Bell Fibe television service. We have never bothered to find it. And knowing the Péladeau’s, père et fils, we would probably not be interested anyway. The combination of those sleazy tabloids that the senior Péladeau created in Quebec with the witless Toronto Sun holds no level of interest.

But, at the same time, Justin Trudeau is getting bad advice from his media advisors. He should take a page from his father’s book and simply give this guy Levant the finger.

What was explained to Justin’s father more than a few times was that ignorant people are entitled to their opinion. There is a readily available supply of media people prepared to pander to that ignorance. We just did not have today’s Sun Media back then that is such a good example of the problem.

The people who read or watch or believe what they see or read in Sun Media might not be the brightest bulbs on the tree of life in this country. The truth is these sad Sun Media people are preaching to the choir. They are simply telling ignorant people what they want to hear or painstakingly read. Some people get off on things rude and obscene. You can think of someone like Levant as though he is the CBC’s Rex Murphy after a lobotomy.

But if nobody talks to Levant, his sponsors might eventually get the message that he is ineffective. It could be wrong to assume that everyone from Sun Media is just as obnoxious. It could also be a mistake to bar the door against all Sun Media reporters. Even ignorant readers and viewers deserve to hear the truth.

And besides, any sensible person seeing that picture of the bridal group on a sailing ship with Justin Trudeau kissing the bride’s cheek would be absolutely charmed by the picture. The respect and appreciation Justin shows for the bride is obvious. You can be sure the bride will treasure that record from her wedding day for the rest of her life.

For this ass Levant to belittle the event is rude. And to use it as a reason to attack Justin Trudeau’s parents shows bad judgement and despicable manners. While Pierre Trudeau did not always suffer fools graciously, he was a gentleman. Trudeau’s son Justin has always shown himself to be very much a gentleman. Mr. Levant of Sun Media quite obviously is not a gentleman. We can ignore him.


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