But the Hair only came for dinner.

The last thing the Hair needed this week was another state dinner. The guy is going to finish up his imperial prime ministership next year weighing close to 300 pounds (136 kilograms). People are beginning to notice the way he is packing it on around the middle. And it has been a telling week. He passed up addressing the nations gathered in New York to do something about global warming but then showed up for dinner.

And was the speech in New York by Environment Minister Leona Aglukkaq supposed to be some sort of a joke? Here she was telling the gathered nations that Canada was doing something about greenhouse gasses in the transportation and electricity sectors, never mentioning Canada’s huge and highly polluting oil and gas sectors. This is an international blackeye to Canada and what we stand for. If anyone important had bothered to stay for her speech, they would have booed.

Canada’s standing with the United Nations was further emphasized when the Hair came later in the week to address the General Assembly. The hall was virtually deserted. Lame duck President or not, Barak Obama was there at the United Nations. He stood up for the environment. He got a great reception. The Hair does not give a damn about the environment. He got the reception he deserved.

And you would have thought that the Hair would have done better during Question Period in the House of Commons last Tuesday instead of having his foolish Parliamentary Secretary Paul Calandra (Oak Ridges-Markham) make an ass of himself again. It reached the point that Leader of the Opposition Thomas Mulcair had to appeal to the Speaker to ask Calandra to put some relevance to his answers. The Conservative Speaker denied Mulcair the right to ask further questions that day.

It took an entire day for Speaker Andrew Scheer to think about the problem. He delayed Question Period on Wednesday to lecture the House on the lack of substance in the answers to questions. He also lectured the Leader of the Opposition for the effrontery of questioning his neutrality. It was regrettable that the Hair was not there to hear what the Speaker had to say on substance.

And to add insult to injury, the Hair was at the same time telling a meeting of mainly Canadian business people in New York that President Obama had asked him to do more in Iraq. Was he lying to these people about what his Parliamentary Secretary was stonewalling the opposition on back home in Ottawa? It is something to cry about.


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