Why Babel-on-the-Bay is cutting off the Greens.

It is supposed to be flattering that Babel-on-the-Bay receives so many news releases from so many sources every day. Some of them are interesting, a few are funny, some are useful, and most get a quick check and delete. It is with deep regret though that we have had to bar the Green Party of Canada for spamming us. The Green Party overdoes it.

The Green Party communications person must be a machine. It sits there in the Green Party office in downtown Ottawa and churns out unnecessary news releases indiscriminately and much too frequently. We now know where the local Greenie gets all his stuff that he grinds out on a regular basis.

What we did not expect was to be wished Happy New Year the other day on the occasion of Rosh Hashanah. While we might on occasion smile and wish a Jewish friend (yes, we have friends) Happy New Year before the Hebrew High Holidays, It does not seem appropriate for Elizabeth May (an Anglican) to wish us (an agnostic) greetings for Rosh Hashanah. That is spreading the media net a bit too far.

And it is not that we do not admire Green Leader Elizabeth May. She is a very smart and capable person. It is a delight to have her in parliament where she can do her own assessment of the hell this country is headed for in a leaky bucket. To be honest with you, we think she could do a better job for Canada as a member of the Liberal Party.

As a Liberal Party of Canada member, it would be a pleasure to help her put the party leaders’ feet to the fire and roast them regularly for not protecting our environment. As a Liberal, she could help us rail against Justin Trudeau’s weaselling on tar sands exploitation. He needs to be educated on the subject and then held to what he promises. We simply cannot allow the continued massive carbon output of extracting and refining bitumen from the tar sands.

And we should also note that Elizabeth May could contribute to almost any portfolio in a Liberal Cabinet. We will never forget her outstanding contribution in the televised Leaders’ Debate in the 2008 federal election. She was the only party leader present who understood and was willing to say how serious the world financial system situation had become. Mr. Harper had another agenda and he was not about to reveal it to Canadians.

And please be advised Ms. May, we will welcome your more thoughtful releases any time if you will just dial down that e-mail production machine in the office.


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