Harris helps harass the Hair.

Canada’s prime minister a.k.a. the Hair does not have a large number of friends. And that short list obviously does not include Canadian author and journalist Michael Harris. We hear that Harris’ newly published list of the Hair’s shortcomings is a rather lengthy book. Called Party of One: Stephen Harper and Canada’s Radical Makeover, Harris seems to have done the political job for the Hair’s political detractors. After all, we bloggers were never going to get the job done without some expert help.

The Hair’s attempts at controlling and demeaning parliament are said to be well documented and his smearing of Canada’s international reputation covered in some detail. Released at the same time as Justin Trudeau’s book, Harris’ book might help to relegate Trudeau’s book to the puff piece that it is.

The advantage that Harris had in his endeavour was the ability to spend the time needed to interview those whose lives have been directly affected by the Hair and those who knew him on his way to creating his imperial style of the role of prime minister. People such as mentor former Reform Party Leader Preston Manning and one-time sycophant former Conservative MP Helena Guergis are just side-swipes in the Hair’s blind drive to absolute power.

While it is reported that much of what Harris has to say about the Hair is anecdotal, it might be presumptuous to compare it to Peter Newman’s 1963 Renegade in Power: The Diefenbaker Years wherein Newman assessed the weaknesses of then Prime Minister John Diefenbaker. As the Hair would tell you, John Diefenbaker had human failings. The Hair does not believe he does.

Since there is a great deal more reading still to do before analysing Harris’ entire book, we can only suggest that it is good that it is now available to us. It could be as simple as picking a page at random as food for thought in the current day’s commentary on the Hair. Thank you, Michael Harris.


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