How the Hair hastens havoc.

We were all deeply concerned the other day. It just takes time to think it through. How awful that this sad, mentally-deranged person with a gun be enabled to attack and kill one of our soldiers standing ceremonial guard duty at Canada’s national memorial to our dead of foreign wars.

And we also need to share the common concern for our parliamentarians closeted in caucus as a gunman runs amok in the Hall of Honour. This place is the core of our democracy and it has to be respected.

It is only in retrospect that Canadians need to better understand how the Hair and his cronies hasten along the crazies who see Canada as the enemy of Islam. He uses the rhetoric of bigotry instead of understanding. He promotes resolution by gun instead of dialogue. He preys on the fragile mind. He uses the words of a narrow and biased world.

And that is what helps create an environment for evil.

Just where is this prime minister taking our beautiful country? He poses as a great friend of Israel to win the votes of Canada’s Jewish citizens. Yet, can the Hair live with or understand the turmoil and retribution that influences the daily lives of the people of Israel? Instead of bringing Canada’s good will and negotiations to the Middle East table, the Hair brings partisanship. He helps nobody.

He hardly helps the Americans in their current concerns. Canada’s friendship with the Americans can hardly be forever sullied by saying ‘no.’ Good friends give honest advice not insincere flattery. A good friend stands ready to help when that is really what the friend needs.

Canadians want to be honest brokers to a peaceful world. We want to use diplomacy, not guns. Canadians know that the real bravery is in being peacekeepers, not warriors. Canada shares the cultures of many nations. It welcomes the peoples of all nations. It wants to be welcome by all nations in turn.

Canadians do not want to engage in senseless wars. They do not seek retribution. They want to seek conciliation. The Hair took away the control of long guns. It was a sick person with a long gun behind that caucus room door. The Hair has spoken in parliament to the destruction of the jihadists without understanding how he was sowing the dragon’s teeth for more of the same.


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