Please come back Curmudgeon.

This is like a plaintive cry in the night across the prairie. A fellow blogger who goes under the pen name The Curmudgeon, a.k.a. The Mound of Sound, says he has had too much and he is giving up on Justin Trudeau and the Liberals.

But the problem is that the Curmudgeon is one of the brighter Liberal bloggers in Canada. He is among those who write about liberalism and its future. He is a thinker and we need him. It is far too big a job to do alone. Given a free hand, Justin Trudeau and his dubious brain trust could reduce the Liberal Party to fewer seats in the House of Commons than poor Michael Ignatieff.

At least the Curmudgeon does not spend all his time polishing his ego as most bloggers do. He can even use big words and spell them properly. And he says what he thinks.

The final straw for the Curmudgeon was the flip-flops of gymnastic hypocrisy by Trudeau the Lesser (the Curmudgeon’s term for our Dauphin) over Israeli discrimination. And if people do not recognize the blind, stupid discrimination in some of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s actions, they are just not paying attention. Getting even with Hamas by killing Palestinian civilians might feel good at the time but it is very bad for long-term relations.

You are a wise person Curmudgeon and you know that you just get people mad if you call the Israeli Prime Minister a fascist. That does not win friends and influence people. It is neither diplomatic nor productive.

At the same time, it is incorrect to suggest that the Israelis are racist. There might be some understandable but unwarranted tribalism but geneticists have concluded that the intermarriage of the Diaspora has eliminated most uniquely racial characteristics of the world population defined as Jewish. It is just that the various tribes wishing to live in the Levant need to learn to live together in peace.

You are of course forgiven for referring to your Liberal friends as “you Liberal bastards.” As Pierre Trudeau noted in reference to a scatological comment by President Richard Nixon of the U.S. “I have been called worse things by better people.”

Half of the Liberals in Babel already hate this writer but the sage among us must speak out for reason. At least we care about liberalism and where the Liberal Party is headed. And somebody has to tell Justin when he is screwing up.

And to be totally honest: is there anyone else you could vote for?


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