The hard heart of the Hair.

You could barely hear over the running up of the A310 engines at Ottawa Airport. The Hair and his chatelaine stood at the door of the giant aircraft waving goodbye to their adoring throng from the Prime Minister’s Office. It sounded something like: “Suck it up folks. I’m going where it’s warm.”

And you can hardly blame the Hair for wanting to get out of cold and unwelcoming Ottawa. Those winds coming down the Ottawa Valley these days are winds of change.

And you really cannot expect the Hair, the hairdresser and the wife to travel all the way to Senegal for a meeting of the world’s French speaking nations in tourist class. That would be at least three airline connections and interminable waits in those holding pens they refer to as international waiting rooms.

But the Hair is sure leaving a mess behind. And why would he want to come back?

His legacy is in tatters. When his oil economy was steaming along at $100 a barrel, the Hair was king of all he surveyed. When real crude oil drops below $60 per barrel, he knows it is time to get out of town. Who wants to buy bitumen when real oil is cheaper?

And it is not as though anything else is going well. The premiers of Canada’s two largest provinces have formed a posse and they are out to get him. He not only owes them for killing most of their manufacturing but he needs to start keeping his word. He can hardly leave town for parts unknown anytime they come to Ottawa.

And that bunch of Tories he runs with is still the gang that can never shoot straight. That bumbling ex-cop who is supposed to look sympathetic with the veteran’s is going to get himself lynched. The kid who took the fall for the robbocalls got himself locked up and that is where the Hair’s former parliamentary secretary might also be headed. At least the guy from Peterborough had the good grace to resign his seat. And good luck on winning a by-election there!

With the Canadian dollar dropping like a rock, the Hair had better have some American dollars to buy fuel for that Airbus A310. Not that he is in a hurry to come home.

Why would the Hair want to rush back to listen to the snide comments from the Leader of the Opposition and that kid Trudeau. The last time he told the two other parties to go screw themselves, he had absolutely no idea that they would take him literally.


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