There arose such a clatter…

We knew it wasn’t the Hair raising the clatter,

He brought us nothing today that could matter.

His oil economy is destined for intensive care,

He’ll go down to defeat in October, we swear.


It is what he has done to Canada’s reputation,

We used to have so much pride in our nation.

We were peacekeepers an’ honest interveners,

An’ we’ve always been the best of neighbours.


The Hair has proved he knows little about sex,

With his new law on johns, the court he’ll vex.

The Hair’s never been friendly with the Court,

He’s found he cannot intimidate the legal sort.


He gags some federal scientists, fires the rest,

Ones who do as they’re told are never the best.

His spending is not always what we’d expect,

Spent more on advertising than you’d suspect.


Our Hair did a year-end interview on CBC TV

It was a very bad hair day for our voters to see.

He tried to explain an Alberta type carbon tax,

It sure would have helped if he had some facts.


But we got sidetracked in doing a blog today,

We sat down, with something special to say.

It is Christmas Day, a time of goodwill to all,

We’ll be polite to the Hair, if he makes a call.


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