Lord Cross-the-Pond still ponders.

Finding another commentary by Lord Cross-the-Pond, Conrad Black, in this past weekend’s National Post only proves that he really needs something serious to do. And we can assure him that his friend Paul Godfrey needs no help in running the National Post and Sun Media newspapers into the ground until the American money lenders are satisfied. It is heart-warming to see that Lord Connie still thinks of people like us as lumpen-left. It is too bad that he cannot find something he knows about to write about.

And hopefully Paul Godfrey is not paying Connie anything for those overly long blog postings. It is not that we always disagree with what we read in these wandering diatribes. For example his erudite and insightful observations of the Roman Catholic Church such as ”just a superstition-mongering humbug, claptrap and hallelujah factory run by septuagenarian celibates and closeted homosexuals, (who) are themselves too dyspeptic or self-obsessed to procreate in self-sustaining numbers” are facile and bang-on no matter how much Connie denies it. He blames that kind of thinking on us lumpen-left.

In his usual fashion, Lord Connie solves all the problems of the Middle East from the days of the Children’s Crusade to today’s equivalent sponsored by Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird. He thinks that the West is blameless under the circumstances and that there is just a rampant jealousy among the Arabs for our ability to make democracy work, for at least the wealthy in our society.

What Connie really needs to do is to take a course at the University of Toronto on what ever part of the world he wants to write about and learn first, write second. While taking advantage of that learning institute, he might also take a modern communications course. He would find that short sentences, simple words, clear thoughts are what constitute modern communication. Proving you know big words and can stream them in paragraph-long sentences is somewhat passé.

And, since he might have still been in prison when Barak Obama was elected in the United States, he might not be aware that Obama only wanted to get the American’s the hell out of Dodge in the country they call Eye-Rack. These brigands who call themselves the new Caliphate or Islamic State were created by enemies of Bashar el Assad in Syria. They only wandered into Iraq to steal the oil that helps pay for their weapons.

What we would also suggest to Connie is that even if his visitor’s permit might not be expired yet, he might head back across the Pond any time. The Brits might appreciate him more than us Canucks.


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