What is to be done about terrorist bloggers?

The Conservative’s Bill C-51 anti-terrorism act has us worried. Pass it as it is and this blogger will always be wondering when the R.C.M. Police will be breaking down the door. Can we live in limbo?

It is just not fair. The Mounties have already determined that those of us who oppose the exploitation of tar sands are a danger to the country. We are obviously terrorists for opposing the oil economy. Why should we be allowed to object to the destruction of our environment and the melting of the polar icecaps? In fact, we are doubly dangerous as we also oppose the one per cent and income splitting for the rich. This is a definitely dangerous liberal.

While we are at it, we should admit that we have been behind the scenes supporting the concept of a guaranteed national income for many years. That goes hand in glove with a national drug plan, a national dental plan and a national chiropractic plan.

And imagine the treason involved in disparaging the Conservatives’ Bill C-51. We tell people that it is a bill that begs for abuse. We call it ill-conceived and ill-defined. It is written for reactionaries and better serves lynch mobs than courts.

Bill C-51 is a stupid bill. It deals in fear, not in reason. It tells you what you should not think, say or write. It is oppressive. It is not the answer to the fear of inciting mayhem. It is written by people who do not want to admit the failures of our society. Ours is a society that wants to walk out on the edge. We do not want to encourage too much discipline or conformity.

And rather than appear soft on terrorism, Justin Trudeau’s Liberals are supporting the Conservative Bill C-51 while promising to fix it later. Mind you, to fix it later they would need to be in power to do so. Does that seem to make young Trudeau more of an opportunist or an optimist?

At least the New Democrats have weighed the positives and negatives and decided not to be hypocrites. They will oppose the bill.

What a lucky day for Stephen Harper when the more mayhem committed around the world, the easier it is to get re-elected.

Bill C-51 is bad legislation. To propose it is foolish. To support it is a disgrace. No fair-minded Member of Parliament can honestly support it.


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