It’s too early to bet on the federal election.

There are lots of questions about the coming national election but very few answers. That means speculation is a waste of time. That is not to say that speculation cannot be fun. The only problem is that the list of what we do know is too short for a good blog and the list of what we do not know is far too long.

One of the questions that puzzle people is the wonderment about what is going on in the mind of the Prime Minister. If that man had a friend, he or she would be just as lost as the rest of us about what Harper is thinking. Thinking is not something that he does out loud.

It is best to imagine Harper’s mind as kind of a vacant wasteland with little signs scattered here and there. The signs are just simple reminders. They would say things like “Putin bad – Ukraine good” or “See Obama – talk XL pipeline.”

Thomas Mulcair on the other hand has a head totally stuffed with Post-It notes. Whenever he sneezes, he loses a couple days’ worth of briefings. His main problem is schizophrenia in that the ones in French say one thing and the ones in English say something completely different. He still cannot comprehend the accident of the Orange Wave nor can he realistically expect to hold many of those Quebec seats.

Justin Trudeau is more of a stuffed shirt than a stuffed head. All he has going for him at the moment is the exhaustion the voters are feeling with Harper, the lack of a strong image for Mulcair and the Trudeau name. Sure, he is a fresh face but voters are starting to wonder about his ‘best before’ date. He has to do something more than run around taking selfies with Canadians.

The most fun political apparatchiks are having is with the bit players. Why did Foreign Minister John Baird take a walk in the snow and then visit with the Queen in London? Is Jason Kenney ready for the big step up to the Prime Minister’s Office? What will come out at the Senator Mike Duffy trial? Will he really tell all? Are we going to the polls in May instead of October? Will Stephen Harper want to stay on as party leader after he loses the election? Will MP Eve Adams set her sights higher in the bedroom stakes? Will Justice Minister Peter MacKay find something more interesting to do in Nova Scotia?

It helps to remember the old adage your mother used to quote: something about the devil finding things for idle hands to do.


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