Trump trumps rational (?) Republicans.

Politics in America is sometimes like a badly edited Hollywood movie. It is not always rational. The recent introduction of Donald Trump as a candidate for the Presidential nomination of the Republican Party is reminiscent of Ross Perot’s wild attempts at the American presidency in the late 1990s. After all, the job is wide open to all born in America billionaires.

And is it not the American dream that any child can grow up and become president? It probably applies more to the Republican Party. In a field of misfits, what rules are there that prevent one more Looney Tunes from running?

The long gone Warner Brothers series with Bugs Bunny, Sylvester and Tweety, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig and others could hardly hold a candle to today’s frenetically animated extremists of the Republican Party’s right-wing Tea Party. While Canadians peer over their not always friendly, fenced(?) border at the shenanigans to the south, they seem more satisfied with their dull as dishwater politics.

It is not that our Canadian Conservatives do not share the zeal of their American counterparts. Like the Republicans, they are top heavy with self-satisfied one-percenters who hate Liberals and liberalism and the forced equality of citizens that they represent. The Canadian moneybags are more than happy to lavish money on a bunch of dumbed-down right-wing Reform Party Conservatives. They assure them it is alright to lie, cheat and steal to achieve their objectives. And they do.

Meanwhile the gullible Canadian Liberal Party pays homage to President Obama and the American donkeys who call themselves Democrats. The only decent Democrat elected President since Franklin Roosevelt was killed before he could get much done. Not being a conspiracy theorist, we have always considered the timing of the Dallas event to be purely co-incidental.

It was like last fall when we fully suspected that Prime Minister Harper really wanted a more blood-thirsty jihadist threat than just a couple home-grown loonies so sadly killing un-armed soldiers. While Canadians are peace-loving people, they proved to be less than keen for the Conservative’s badly conceived, marketed and forced acceptance of the anti-terrorism bill.

While Canadians are so enthralled with the movie and television entertainment conceived in the United States, they are still not sure that politics is entertainment. Maybe the machinations of Donald Trump are helping to prove otherwise.


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