It is really about leadership Justin.

Being more of a contemporary of his father than of Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau, maybe we can be excused for offering him some advice. Yes Justin, you have answered those stupid attack ads on your youth from the Conservatives. You have launched an aggressive campaign against the failing regime of Stephen Harper. Your stand on ‘real change’ is to be applauded. You have addressed the core concerns of Canadian voters with your stand on behalf of the middle class.

But the key ingredient for winning is leadership. It is something that Mr. Mulcair of the New Democrats does not offer.

Canadians are looking for the future you are talking about. They are searching for fairness. They are looking desperately for economic stability. They want to have restored pride in their country. They want the rest of the world to recognize that once again, Canada is taking its rightful place in global affairs. They want to share a better future with that leader.

Leadership is not an endless string of picayune offers of people’s own money. It is not sharing the platform with what is past. It is sharing the platform only with the future.

What this means is that you do not need to be on platforms with provincial premiers. People know when you have their endorsement. The premiers have their own battles to fight with Ottawa. You can promise succour while maintaining your position. You are the next Prime Minister. Look like one.

Nor should you share your platform with has-beens. Former Prime Minister Paul Martin brought no honours to liberalism. He was a mean and belligerent finance minister under Prime Minister Jean Chrétien and he hurt Canadians while alienating liberals. It was hardly just the sponsorship scandal that made his tenure as prime minister so short. When voters had to choose between Martin’s faux conservatism and the real thing, they had no choice but to opt for the real thing.

You have to stand alone on that platform Justin. You hardly need a people wall behind you. It is just you and a microphone. That is what leaders do. You have to lead with the big ideas. Your aides are there to help you not hobble you. A leader uses instinct, caring, concern and vision.

A leader looks into the crowds of supporters but sees the future. A leader takes his audience into that future.


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