As the media Silly Season draws to a close.

Labour Day is now in sight and the real election campaign can begin. Not that we have been bored with August or eager for the clamour of the combatants but it does spell the end of the foolishness of the news media and their tame pollsters. Editors have not been calling August the Silly Season for no reason over the past 100 years.

August has always been the time for “Man bites dog” stories. It has been a time for tall tales and frying eggs on sidewalks. You could blame it all on the heat here in the northern part of the world.

But September is not only back to school, it is back to reality time. It is time to discard those ridiculously warped automated telephone call results that newspapers call polls. It is time to face responsibility and pay for a summer’s fun.

It is hard to tell what the reality is in this country when you have such open biases of the news media. The major Quebec newspapers and French-language television network are owned by the leader of the separatist Parti Québécois. No bias there! Most local newspapers across the country are controlled by a major Conservative Party supporter. And the only truly independent newspapers are in Toronto with its four newspapers where there should just be two. And the largest English-language newspaper in the country has decided to support the New Democrats and the party’s fusty little leader.

Luckily the television networks will now set aside their summer hiatus and start to take a serious look. And they will not like what they find. Their good friend (except for the CBC) the Hair has laid down so many restrictions on their coverage, following his travels and travails hardly seem worthwhile. Hopefully the Hair’s opponents, whom he despises and reviles, might finally get their acts together.

And there is obviously no more of those televised debates to rely on. The Hair is above it. He dislikes being the object of attack. As a reputed front runner, New Democrat Tommy Mulcair has decided he can also be picky and he is sure not giving that kid Justin Trudeau another chance to attack him.

It will now become a typical Canadian election. The media will be less than helpful. The voters will be confused. Decisions made today, will be cast aside tomorrow and we will await the decision of the electorate.


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