The Hair: Canada’s boy in the bubble.

In the Imperial Prime Minister’s Office of today, Canada’s Prime Minister is isolated and alone. Protected and guarded by the sycophants of privilege, his minions mind the doors. In this cloistered sanctuary, the Hair rules. There are neither naysayers nor critics allowed where the Hair travels. Audiences are vetted for their loyalty. The people walls behind the microphone are carefully selected for a nice blend of colour. It is a false scene.

And you wonder what will happen when the Hair’s bubble bursts. Can any emperor return to being an ordinary man? Can Calgary serve as a suitable Elba? Could Connie Black put in a good word for him with David Cameron? Then he could leave for old England and titled retirement as did R.B. Bennett?

Or just maybe the Hair will face the future with more positive mien? Would he consider lecturing impressionable, budding right-wing politicians at the Tom Flanagan School of the University of Calgary? Dare he pen the occasional diatribe against the dangers of liberalism for the failing Fraser Institute?

The Hair could retire to a kibbutz in Israel. They once loved him there. And when they clear the Russian land mines, he could farm some land in Eastern Ukraine. There is little question that the Hair’s list of welcoming countries is far shorter than those he would be advised to avoid.

Canadians are also forgiving people. And there is some lovely land in the Athabasca opening up for settlement. The tailings ponds will settle in time and the land can be used for grazing cattle. Calves with two heads and other oddities are to be expected when you consider the mixtures of chemicals found in the tar sands. As long as the same oddities are not prevalent in his progeny, the Hair’s legacy can be the exploitation of those tar sands a thousand years in the future.

But the true legacy of the Hair will be an Ottawa where science can now be recognized and respected. It will be where government can protect our environment instead of protecting the polluters. It can be an open and honest government that respects the rights of our citizens. The Hair’s police state and building of prisons will be something of the past. It will be where Members of Parliament will represent their constituents not an outmoded ideology. And Canadians will have respect for their foreign affairs that earns respect and honour for Canada around the world.

Good bye Hair, we will not miss you.


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