The Hair as a hawk.

It could not have been better news from Justin Trudeau. He came out flatly saying that he would stop wasting money on the development and procurement of Lockheed Martin’s F-35 stealth fighter for Canada. It was the kind of decisive statement that you expect from a Trudeau. What is even better; he is absolutely right.

Trudeau drew another firm line between the prime minister and that other guy and himself. For years now, those who understand what Canada’s air force needs have been struggling with the Conservative’s preference for a single-engine stealth fighter. It simply does not make sense.

The F-35 is a short-range attack aircraft when Canada needs long-range reconnaissance aircraft. And why we would need stealth fighters to protect our country is a mystery.

But for the first time, the prime minister has provided his rationale. It seems that the Hair is a hawk. He wants to go to war against other countries. He points to the bombing missions Canada’s F-18 fighters flew in Libya and more recently in Iraq. He wants an aircraft to be part of flying with the Americans in their wars. He does not seem to want to pick his own wars but is happy to fly along with the Americans.

The Hair must think the Americans will reciprocate on this and protect our Arctic for us. That would involve letting American patrol aircraft fly over our Arctic. If we allowed that there might be more questions about whom our Arctic really belongs to.

Mind you, the Hair does seem to forget that the Canadian navy needs boats and the army needs tanks and troop carriers and other equipment. And planes, boats and ground equipment all cost billions and billions of dollars.

But our hawkish Hair is also complaining that the Liberal leader is destroying the chances for Canadian companies to get contracts to supply parts and systems for the F-35. Since most of these companies are American owned, they are only located in Canada to take advantage of the Canada-U.S. defence production agreements. They will get their share of the contracts no matter what company supplies the right aircraft to Canada.

One can only wonder why the Hair is so virulent in his defence of the F-35. He obviously knows little about the needs of Canada’s air force and less about how countries share defence contracts. Other than that, it is fun to see him so shrill about it!


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