Jason Kenney is showing his fear.

Any political apparatchik has to handle his or her share of losses. You can keep winning for a while and then you have to take one on the chin. It is how you handle that loss that shows what you are made of. That is why we have come to the conclusion that Calgary Tory candidate Jason Kenney is not made of the right stuff. He is showing fear. He is striking out wildly. He is looking like he is made of Jell-O made with too much water—little flavour, no substance.

Kenney must miss John Baird, the other member of Mr. Harper’s faithful Bobbsey Twins team. Baird left politics and his job as foreign affairs minister earlier this year.

As Mr. Harper’s go-to guy to fix problems, Kenney is not just losing his touch. He seems to have lost all sense of reality. First of all, he called his own news conference to respond to Justin Trudeau’s introduction of the Liberal family reunification plan for immigration. The Liberal plan was to simply speed up the process.

But according to Kenney the Liberals are going to do away with prudent checking of whether people are jihadists or not. He went on to say that in Syria many of the refugee claimants have relatives fighting against the government of Bashar al-Assad. That makes them all jihadists in Kenney’s estimation.

But it got worse. In a rambling answer to a question about the fact that most Canadians are in favour of decriminalising marijuana he claimed that “Unlike Justin Trudeau, we don’t think marijuana should be sold in convenience stores.” That gem came as quite a surprise to those who know about Mr. Trudeau’s stand on decriminalising pot.

But then Kenney went on saying that the Liberal Leader wants to force communities to establish illegal drug injection sites. Since the media were quite sure that the Liberals had never even suggested communities be forced to have legal sites for this purpose, they were sniffing the air wondering what the Tory minister had been smoking.

But Kenney topped it all by saying “He (Trudeau) also wants to force communities to accept brothels.” This silly lie topped them all.

And that was when it started to make sense to the news media. They were watching fear replace reason. Kenney had finally realised that the Conservatives were going to lose the election. The free foreign travel and other perquisites of office were threatened. He was now aware of what John Baird, Peter MacKay, James Moore and others knew when they quit the government early. The Harper government is toast.


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