Can you recant an oath you haven’t given?

This does not sound fair. This is concerning a guy who recanted his oath to the queen after becoming a Canadian citizen. What some people might suggest is that he should not take the oath in the first place.

But that does not work. This guy really wants to be a Canadian citizen. He feels loyal to Canada and he wants to stay here. His objection is that he feels no loyalty to the Queen of Canada nor to her heirs and successors.

This gentleman claims he is taking advantage of a loophole suggested by Ontario’s superior court of justice by disavowing that part of the oath after saying it. It seems like a round-about way of people making their feelings known.

And what might be the major problem here is the plight of those of us born in Canada. How would you recant an oath that you have never made? Should we all be required to make the oath so that, if we wish, we can recant it?

Pity the poor American kids. They start in kindergarten pledging allegiance to America. Hand on heart and all they do it every school day and occasionally just for practice.

Mind you, those of us who have served in the armed forces of Canada have also taken an oath to bend a knee to Her Majesty. It has always been assumed that that the oath was valid only for the period of our service in the forces. It is assumed that the oath is void once you have returned to civilian life.

But even if you have included crown appointments and elected persons who have also sworn fealty, there are still millions of Canadians who are obviously neglecting their duty to their Queen. Are these born Canadians to be allowed to continue to run free of any duty to their monarch? Should they not be required to do something to prove their loyalty?

Or should they finally be allowed to express their opinion on whether Canada should be a monarchy in the 21st Century? What part does the monarch really play in modern Canada? We are not just Brits and French anymore. We are people who have come together from all over the world. Canada is an inclusive society. We might not wear our feelings on our sleeves but lots of people really love this country. We need to take a better look at it.


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