Some Christmas notes.

This is a compromise. Last year we wrote a poem for our readers about Stephen Harper but we no longer have him to kick around. And it would hardly do to have people get the wrong idea if we wrote poems for our new prime minister.

But the real reason for our current malaise is the falling off of readership. From the substantial readership at the end of the election campaign and the interesting peaks and valleys in November, people do not have much time for political commentaries in December. Babel-on-the-Bay is down to its hard core of regular readers. The only difference this year in December is that some hundreds of regular readers seem to have moved to Ottawa. We can guess who these people are and they feed on political subjects. We will try to keep you all entertained.

It is unlikely that you will hear much from Donald Trump in American politics after the Republican convention next summer. The seeds of his destruction are now starting to germinate. His vulgarity, his fascism, his outrageous and ignorant statements are all part of Trump’s house of cards and state by state you will see him rejected by Republican voters. It looks like this coming November Hilary Clinton might have little trouble beating Texas’ Ted Cruz for the American presidency.

Closer to home the situation in Ontario remains volatile. That disgusting Mr. Brown who bought the leadership of the Ontario Progressive Conservatives has yet to emerge from his cocoon without his farm-boy twang and with something more interesting to say to Ontario audiences. His opponent, Kathleen Wynne, is no angel either as she also manipulated the process to win the Liberal Party in Ontario leadership. While her opponents are still trying to hang the gas plant fiasco on her, she is busy making her own mistakes with Ontario voters’ money.

But most eyes next year will be on Ottawa and that will provide lots of fodder for commentaries. We will be looking at some of these opportunities over the next week.

We must admit that we are somewhat at a loss as what to do about municipal politics in Canada. We cannot stand the hypocrisy at this level of politics. And if you are under the impression that the municipal level is not just the junior-A league of politics, you have not been paying attention.

But we started out to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and hope for an economically vibrant Canada in the year 2016.


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