You betcha it’s the Trump team!

The leaders of America’s Republican Party have already picked the team that will take on the world when it wins the November election. They are betting on billionaire Donald Trump and the former vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

And here you thought that the Republicans would want to temper Trump’s tirades with a more politically acceptable running mate. With former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin at his side, Americans would have a greater incentive to keep Trump alive.

While Sarah is more Tea Party than mainstream GOP, you have to admit that she makes Donald Trump seem sane and practical. Her ringing endorsement of Trump in Iowa the other day was designed to sabotage Texan Ted Cruz’ presidential hopes and also open the door for the darling of the Tea Party Republicans to have another 15 minutes of fame. Where Tea Party extremists have been somewhat lukewarm to Trump because of some of his Democrat-like tendencies, it is Sarah who can bring him into the Tea Party fold.

The GOP leaders are betting that in November they can capture the lot, House and Senate and President, with the Trump-Palin ticket as the star attraction. As Palin said in her endorsement of Trump, her Tea Party “rock ‘n’ rollers and holy rollers’ in the crowd were prepared to see him kick ISIS’ ass and no more “pussy-footin” around. While Trump might have been surprised to hear it put that way, he forced a smile as the crowd roared its approval.

Many observers were convinced eight years ago that it was Sarah Palin who destroyed John McCain’s chances of winning the White House. Now the question is what could she possibly do worse for Donald Trump? He would be the calmer older brother. Maybe idiocy runs in the family but then look at the people voting for them.

And what do you think their opponents could do to them? How will they possibly handle the tag team of Trump and Palin? Can you imagine if Hillary Clinton chose Bernie Sanders as her Vice President what would happen in the debates? Hillary can handle Donald Trump with ease but Palin would drive Sanders to calling her an idiot and walking out on the debate.

And if you think American politics is nothing but a carnival sideshow now, can you imagine Donald Trump renovating the White House?


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