Bugger bogeyman Brown.

It is hardly likely that Opposition Leader Patrick Brown is giving Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne sleepless nights. It is a combination of her ego, her handlers and the confidence that Brown will eventually make the monster mistake.

It was as recent as two years ago when former Conservative Leader Timmy Hudak stood in front of a business crowd at the Barrie Golf Club—with Patrick Brown (then a Member of Parliament) front and centre and applauding wildly—and announced that he was going to cut 100,000 provincial civil servant jobs. That was the monster mistake of 2014 that gave Ms. Wynne a very much undeserved majority at Queen’s Park.

Can you not just imagine Patrick Brown facing that ugly puss of his in the mirror every morning and saying his mantra: “I will not screw up, I will not screw up.”

While a bunch of ethnic groups are feeling flattered these days over the attention that the Ontario Tories are now paying them, there are also lots of old white Tories saying “Who’s this Patrick Brown schmuck?” The guy’s only claim to fame is that he stole the leadership of his provincial party.

That is a great example to our children: “If you can’t win honestly, try the Brown way.”

You have to admit though that Premier Wynne showed a lot of balls to think she could win Whitby – Oshawa electoral district. The former member Christine Elliott did a terrible job of letting Conservatives in the area know why she did not want to stay at Queen’s Park under Brown’s so-called leadership. If more than 30 per cent of the voters had gone to the polls, Wynne would have just been even more embarrassed.

It was a stupid by-election—at the worst time of year. And there was absolutely no need to embarrass Prime Minister Trudeau in the process.

By the way, did anyone take note of the New Democrat performance? And do you really expect NDP Leader Andrea Horwath to do a repeat pratfall in the next Ontario election?

And Patrick Brown is hardly Premier Wynne’s problem. She now has two years to start to look like she knows what she is doing. Selling off Hydro One is doing nothing for her. Her idea of liberalising booze sales in Ontario is nothing but a blue-stocking nightmare. The people of Ontario want to see their future. Kathleen Wynne has to present something far better than she has done so far.


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