And with a minor in hooking.

It certainly is expensive to get through university these days and we hear that more and more undergraduates are shopping their bodies to keep themselves in class. And some are doing it in the world’s oldest profession. They might not like to use the word but they are still prostituting themselves.

But can you think of a more worthy objective than to earn a degree in the process? You can hardly blame someone who prefers giving blow jobs to having to pour coffee at Tim’s just to eat Kraft Dinners. It is your choice. And there are many forms of prostitution and a girl or guy can pick their level. Mind you, the day is passed when an undergraduate can earn improved grades by simply leading on the old professor. University is the real TV reality show these days.

And the number of gals and guys who have the gumption—and salable bodies—are growing. The economics of getting a degree are driving that bus. Determination can overcome revulsion and mother’s advice any day.

And this phenomenon is making further hypocrites of our politicians in Ottawa as they dither over Supreme Court demands to take better care of our sex workers. Selling your body is not just the oldest profession but it is time honoured down to the travesty of marriage vows. “Do you Prudence, promise to love, honour and spread your legs whenever Horace wants in fulfilling these vows?”

It is a vast improvement these days that marriage seems to be the thing you do if your relationship can survive three or four years of cohabitation.

But sex as a unique part of marriage went home to mother many years ago. Married sex is like keeping your Ferrari from leaving your driveway. It is safe but can be terribly boring.

But back in university, we need to spread the good word. Whether you find a sugar daddy (or sugar mommy) on the Internet or join the nearest stroll, it is all part of the learning experience. Your first job in university is not to pick your ultimate profession but to learn about yourself. And it is also advisable to learn to respect yourself and your fellow humans. Our human sexual nature travels the path of the seasons of life. These are the learning years.


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