Donald Trump: Master of the Free World?

Some readers assumed we were sampling liberalized pot when we suggested that Donald Trump could win the American Presidency. Frankly it is not something we care to bet on. We just accept the logic. There are too many factors that can weigh in favour of a Trump win and it is too early to quantify them.

But that is hardly the same as giving Donald Trump a pass to the Presidency. First he has to win the Republican nomination. Bringing out Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey as his first heavy Republican support is not exactly starting at the top. In politics, you have to lead with your strong suite. He is going to be sorry soon for those nasty remarks about Jeb Bush. And he needs to realize that bikers, losers and Tea Party crazies are not the most reliable delegates to the upcoming Republican convention.

We expect the Democratic candidate to be Hillary Clinton and she is a far smarter politician than Trump could ever be. And if he thinks he can trash-talk Hillary over e-mails as a cornerstone issue, he knows nothing about voters either. Voters care about the issues that affect them. They also have a sense of fair play and if they see this boor attacking the lady, he could get a lesson in manners.

Mind you, this is a guy who has survived in the cut-throat, corrupt and conniving atmosphere of real estate development. Not that there is much difference between that and American politics. In real estate, you just hope the guy finally loses it all and becomes a nobody. That also sounds like politics. The only real difference is that in real estate development you beg people for money to put together your wild schemes. In politics, you just raise taxes.

At the same time, putting any trust in Donald Trump as President is not a very sane idea. Did you know that he has promised to build a wall between Mexico and America? He is also going to keep Muslims out of the dear-old U S of A. Maybe he will evict the United Nations from New York while he is at it.

Many Democrats are thinking that Trump will be easy to beat. What they might not be considering is the weakness of their own party’s position. There is a large measure of disappointment in the country over Obama’s perceived use of rhetoric over action. Bill Clinton is still seen as a negative in considering his wife. And Bernie Sanders has made it very clear that Hillary is not a force for reform. We will just have to wait for the fireworks in September and October to place a bet.


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