The Morning Line on Trump: 25 to 1.

We are not saying that it is impossible but it is quite unlikely that Donald Trump could make it all the way to the American White House. The odds of 25 to 1 are not only a long-shot bet but realistic. Mind you, the serious loser in this race is the Republican Party. And it can mean difficult times ahead for the GOP if Trump takes the party down with him.

But the truth is the party brought it on itself. The GOP created and fed that anger in its ranks and now it is paying the price. Once you get on that tiger, the biggest problem is figuring out how to get off.

What did the leadership of the GOP think was going to happen when Republican supporters saw nothing but controversy, confrontation and confusion in Congress during the Obama administration? The GOP had to accept its share of that anger. The leadership was part of the problem. It forgot to be part of the solution.

The leadership laughed when Donald Trump came to the door and said “Let me in.” The elite of the GOP never expected Trump to become the new doorman.

Trump became the toy boy of the angry, the Tea Party crazies, the losers, the screw-you right and the Holy Rollers. They had a guy who was telling it like it is, brutal and seemingly uncaring. He measured out his own brand of shock and awe. He is going to take his people to the promised land of America the Mighty. He is going to wall-out the wetbacks, block the Muslims and keep America safe for the Ku Klux Klan and the National Rifle Association.

And why should the GOP leadership care about what he is saying when they have been pandering to those same demographics for many years? They would be happy campers if they had not finally done the mathematics and realized that Trump and the GOP are marching to Armageddon together. Short of the South Rising Again, Trump is never likely to be President in anything other than his own mind.

The GOP leadership have no wish to contribute to this debacle and sent patrician Mitt Romney after Trump. Romney solemnly told the party the truth about Trump. The party ignored Romney. He had no effect.

It is now way past the time that wiser heads in both the Democratic and Republican parties get together and talk about measures to prevent this happening again. They have to come to the conclusion that having money to throw at election campaigns is not the answer to running a country. A corrupt system corrupts all the players.


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