“There will be rioting in the streets.”

It is terrible that Donald Trump cannot seem to find a better playbook for his campaign than that of the Weimar Republic of the 1930s. He is raising spectres that were thought to have died more than 60 years ago. He is causing comparisons with tactics that might have worked in the past but have no place in today’s North America. The man invokes fascism at every twist and turn in his campaign.

Fascism feeds on the anger, bigotry, frustration, ignorance and jingoism of the masses. It can be cruelly manipulated by the uncaring megalomaniac. And who is it that chose this Trump guy to even consider running for President of the United States of America?

Is this a person anyone would trust who threatens rioting at the Republican Convention in July? He is defiant of the democratic process. He has already decided that he is the winner. Yet he is the beloved of the losers, the bikers, the religious fanatics, the extremists. For he, Trump, thinks he is their leader.

Trump wants to be leader of the free world and yet there would be no freedom under him. He preaches the politics of exclusion, hate, distrust and destruction. He wants to build walls against people seeking asylum. He would tear down the world-renowned Statue of Liberty. He would tear up agreements between nations. He would be kept busy by his bigotry. He would foment new hatred and resentment against America around the world.

Trump promotes bigotry over understanding. He thinks violence should replace negotiation. He panders to extremism. He looks down on those who question him.

Any riot during the Cleveland GOP Convention will most likely be of his creation. The only problem is that there are many who will willingly pitch in against Trump’s losers and troublemakers. Democrat Bernie Sanders has shown Americans that there are legions of the American left that will stand up to fascism. Added to that are Cleveland’s own young and unemployed blacks who hate Trump and whose emotions in the heat of the summer will simmer just below the boiling point.

To further escalate matters, Cleveland’s police have ordered 2000 riot outfits to dress their people for the event. Will everyone bring their weapon of choice to see how effective these new suits might be? It could be an event of epic proportions—like a remake of Birth of a Nation.


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