I can think for myself Justin Trudeau.

Having helped rewrite many constitutions over the years, Justin Trudeau’s proposed constitution for the Liberal Party comes as something of a surprise. Becoming a Registered Liberal—as members are to be described—will require no membership fee, no particular principles and no responsibility other than to support the leader and his Liberal candidates.

No thanks.

That is not why this writer became a member of the Liberal Party of Canada over 50 years ago. We joined to make a contribution. Furthering liberal objectives requires more than slavishly following the party leader. Nor should the rules the party now works under be set by a remote national executive. Liberalism is not a top-down experience.

Why do we not leave that kind of approach to the Conservative Party of Canada? You see where top-down management got that party lately. It angered millions of Canadians.

And neither you, Justin, nor your campaign staff nor the national executive are going to tell us who the candidate will be in our electoral district. We are the best judge of the credentials of Liberal candidates in our town and how they will be accepted by the voters. We know the type of candidate we want to have represent us in Ottawa. You can butt out.

And while you are at it, you can stop straining your mind to come up with changes in how Canadians vote. You seem to lack any knowledge or experience with the issues. You should not make promises to do something without thinking it through.

That is almost as bad as your terrible solution to the Senate. That elitist answer to the problems is surely going to bite you in the ass.

But you also have a lot to learn about running a political party. The best followers are the ones with minds of their own. As any general can tell you, the successful army has smart lieutenants.

It is absolutely ridiculous how this proposed constitution for the Liberal Party gives so much space to the leadership question and a by-the-way mention of Liberal principles. And you hardly leave important questions to be determined by the party’s national executive.

Justin, leaders lead. Leave the details to the smart lieutenants. And one further point: you get what you pay for. If your party membership is free, what is it worth?


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