Meeting ordinary Canadians at Kananaskis.

You have to hand it to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. He really knows how to get out there and meet with ordinary Canadians. And when your cabinet needs to discuss further fixes in Employment Insurance, what better place than another luxury resort.

Nestled in a cradle of the Canadian Rockies, Kananaskis is the jewel of Marriott’s Delta hotels. With rates between $150 and $300 Canadian per day, you can be assured that our federal cabinet will have all the luxury and pampering they desire during their ‘meet the hoi polloi’ trip west.

While waiting for ordinary Canadians to show up, they had a Welcome Wagon arrive driven by the local premier, Rachel Notley. The lady wanted these visitors to know that the province is having a tag day for the executives at Enbridge, Kinder Morgan and TransCanada Pipelines. And she wanted a lot of loonies in her collection box for them.

This improbable socialist, told the cabinet members that she is as green as the next person but pollution hardly matters when all of Canada has to get behind the cause of getting the output of those Alberta tar sands to tide water. She wants to blame the foreigners who process the bitumen into synthetic oil for the pollution it will cause.

But Premier Notley was just a one-day wonder. The cabinet came for some of that brisk mountain air, fine dining and the pampering of the spa.

And, yes, there will also be some discussion of some of those very silly promises made by the Prime Minister when he still did not think he would win the election last year. Luckily nobody can really define what it means to be middle class so he does not have to worry about those people too much. He is already getting a taste of what is going to happen with his right-to-die law and he is starting to realize that everyone might just have their prayers answered when his elite Senate sits on it instead of passing it.

And he did very foolishly say that 2015 would be the last time Canadians use first-past-the-post voting to choose their MPs. His improbable choice of minister to look after this portfolio must be wondering if she should use an Ouija board to find an answer that might work.

But what the hey? What other job would take you to the best resorts the country has to offer?


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