Donald Trump’s evolution.

The Donald is supposed to be evolving as he emerges from the sewers of the Republican Party primary race. He has invested some money in an old-time political spin doctor who now explains that Trump is in the process of evolving into a persona more suitable to America’s highest office. And if you buy into that, you are as gullible as the people who are already buying into the Trump fiasco.

It is easy to believe that at the beginning of the campaign Trump listened to the political two-step that Republican contestants were dancing to and knew that approach would never work for him. This guy has been selling pie in the sky for too many years to believe they were on the right track. How could he be believed if he joined that chorus line spouting that religion, the National Rifle Association, and an anti-liberal stance was all that was needed to defeat the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton?

Trump started out with a slogan.  As a long-time marketer, he knew that was needed. He settled on Make America Strong Again and he just keeps saying it. It is a hell of a slogan. Nobody would dare suggest that America was already strong enough. That would be anti-American.

Trump also knew that the mob of Republicans already in the race needed to be divided. They all despised him, so he had to take out the ones smart enough to do him any damage. The strongest seems to be this guy Ted Cruz from Texas. He might seem to be a smarmy bastard but he has his weak points. Trump has kept reminding people that Cruz was born in Canada. That probably made him a closet Liberal like all those wishy-washy Canucks.

But the most fun was Trump vilifying the Mexicans. He really knew how to appeal to American bigotry. He was going to build a wall to keep those despicable people out of the Good Ole U.S. of A. It is going to run all the way from the Pacific Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico. And to handle any concerns about this idea, he said he was going to make the Mexicans pay for it. And would you believe that lots of bikers, bigots, holly rollers and Tea Party crazies were stupid enough to think he was presidential material?

But his crusade went on. He said he was going to stop all Muslims from entering America.  His only really dumb bit of bluster was to ridicule Hillary for being a woman. And in the process he denigrated women. He has actually pissed off half the population of America.

But there is still a lot of hot air coming out of the Trump campaign and very little of it is in the realm of reason. And this hot shot spin doctor he has hired to make him acceptable to the Republican establishment is just more hot air.


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