Brown tries outrage over Hydro.

It depends where you sit in the Ontario Legislature. The government benches mainly consider Ontario Hydro a golden goose. The opposition benches always consider it the government’s Achilles heel. And it seems the powers that be at all the disparate parts of Hydro think they can charge customers whatever they need to meet the government’s cash flow demands.

And there is a new politician in town sitting in the opposition who thinks he can make hay on the Hydro rip-offs. Its that new man-about-town at Queen’s Park who stole the leadership of the Ontario Tories last year.

What the Ontario voters are seeing at this time are test advertisements. And the voters are the guinea pigs. The current ad is new and angry. It was as though the Tories borrowed the idea from Donald Trump’s campaign for the American presidency. You see an angry less controlled Patrick Brown attacking the Wynne Liberals. If that ad tracks best with the pollsters, it will mean no more Mr. Nice Guy.

They have tried Patrick Brown now in many guises. They have tried dressing him up, giving him a salon hair cut, teaching him to lower his voice and scripting him. They even sent him to the Pride Parade. Very few in Ontario know him anyway so if they are ever going to find out how he should be presented, now is the time.

It was like in a recent report in the Globe and Mail, the female reporter wrote about Brown as a suave young man about town. She even seemed to consider him a pretty good catch. Brown should either hire her or marry her. It might be his only chance at seeming human.

For those of us who have watched Brown over the years in Barrie and in Ottawa, he is the least desirable type of person to be in politics. His background is small-town, conservative Christian and do-nothing politics. In nine years in Ottawa as an MP, he is noted for just two votes where he voted against women’s rights. He never had anything to say for himself in politics and latched onto charities to keep his name prominent in the community.

The bad news for that Globe and Mail reporter is that women who meet him seem to step back shortly after wondering what they had seen in him. He is not an appealing person to men or women. He is a poor public speaker with no small talk to help him out. He is a marathon runner, a mouth breather and something of a nerd.

But his first love is politics. He works at that.


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