The Morning Line is Hillary by 2 -1.

It was during the Clinton White House years that many of us realized that the brains in the Clinton family are on the distaff side. And nothing pisses off ignorant men more than a smart woman. Which might help to explain why Hillary Clinton is the most despised Democratic candidate ever.

But she is not dishonest. She has never done anything for which she might have been indicted. She was an outstanding Secretary of State and performed honourably for America. She was a hard-working and effective Senator for the State of New York. She is highly qualified to be President of the United States of America.

And we will have Bill Clinton as First Gentleman for comic relief.

The only things Hillary has ever done that have led to criticism is to stand by her man, to stand by her country and to stand by the President.

Many people who criticize her in her role as Secretary of State do not seem to understand the role. The Secretary of State does not decide everything in foreign affairs. The secretary advises the Cabinet and the President and then implements the decisions. It is the Administration that takes responsibility.

If this writer has any axe to grind with Hillary Clinton as a prospective President, it is that she is too right of centre politically. We were hoping that more of Bernie Sanders would rub off on her during the primaries. America is not quite ready for a Bernie Sanders as President but the Medicare that Hillary Clinton fought for when her husband was President and Barack Obama got passed, was only one small step toward a kinder America.

But you have to like the agreement on the Democratic platform worked out with Clinton and Sanders input. What Americans heard from Bernie Sanders in his speech to the convention Monday night could go a long way toward a better America.

The Philadelphia convention will launch the positive campaign for the Democratic ticket in November. To implement the Democratic platform will take the combined efforts of a Democratic President, a Democratic Senate and a Democratic House of Representatives. That size of a win will take months of hard and relentless work.

Hillary Clinton will be a new kind of President for America. Her administration will set the groundwork for a better America.


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