Doing Dr. Goebbels proud.

Sometimes when you see what the American Republican Party candidate for president is doing, you have to appreciate the origins. It also has to do with that old adage that those who ignore history are bound to repeat it. What we saw the other day was a classic use of the big lie. This was a major tactic of communications used by Reich Minister of Propaganda Dr. Joseph Goebbels in 1933 to 1945 Germany.

The specific incident we are talking about was the very reasoned and calm discussion on a campaign platform the other day by Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton of her opponent’s apparent promoting of bigotry.

The reputed answer to this by the Republican, that was recorded, was for him to scream that “She is the bigot!” What she had ever said that could be interpreted as bigotry was not disclosed.

But that does not matter when you are using Dr. Goebbels’ philosophy. He was an expert in the use of the media as it existed at that time. Today, the Republican candidate has the reach of the ubiquitous Internet that can spread his word like wildfire to his highly gullible followers. And that is where they follow him. These are not the readers of the New York Times or the Washington Post. Most college-educated voters across the States are hardly going to vote for him anyway.

Internet social media is the pulse of North America today. Dr. Goebbels would dearly love the electronic speed and reach of this media. Only he would turn it to anti-social media. There might be rules against cyber bullies but there are no effective rules about cyber liars. While some totalitarian regimes try to control the Internet, they are not all that successful.

The good news is that the Republican candidate is playing with toys that can also destroy him. He is already setting up the scenario that the election process is corrupt. It indicates that he has been made aware that he has no ground troops to help turn out his vote on November 8. And as his supporters are not the type who usually go to vote, he is trying to get them to the polls in the guise of monitors—hoping they think to vote while they are there. Since very few Americans really understand the Electoral College process that chooses their president, there is little question that there will be lots of confusion.

But does he think these losers who support him are going to rise up to put him where he belongs? Mind you there is a certain warmth in thinking about where he really belongs.


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