Donald Trump: Ego Unchained.

Some wit on Canadian Broadcasting Corporation radio opined the other night that the public corporation could no longer report on Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump as news. He thought it should all be referred to the CBC’s Entertainment Division.

But there are changes coming folks. Donald Trump says he is taking off the gloves. He says he will no longer be Mr. Nice Guy. For the four remaining weeks of the American election campaign, he will campaign as he wants to. He has declared all-out war against what he calls ‘disloyal’ Republicans. The people deserting him are basically the leadership of the Republican Party.

That leaves the Trump campaign with somewhere between 12 and 25 million Twitter followers, who are in a tizzy. Somehow between now and November 8, he hopes to change those twits into voters—at least the ones registered, old enough to vote and can actually find out where to vote.

And this is why Trump’s entire campaign for the presidency is in free fall. He has no concept of what it takes in politics to turn promises into votes. He knows nothing about real political campaigning or the ground game that transforms offers of support into votes in the ballot box. He has been running a campaign against the establishment. Why would that establishment want to help him now?

In one of Trump’s silly tweets the other night (he might be suffering from sleep deprivation) he said: “They don’t know how to win—I will teach them.” This was directed against the leadership of his own Republican Party. Hillary Clinton and her team must be sitting back wondering what else is going to help them win.

The Democratic candidate has never been in any jeopardy throughout this terribly long campaign. The Democrats have every right to be angered by the constant lies about her spread by Trump. Vilification of your opponent has never been a good campaign tactic and Trump has reached a point that nothing he says about his opponent can be believed. The attitude today is “So Donald Trump lies. So what?”

All of this is going on as the failed Trump Taj Mahal Casino in Atlantic City is again shut down in bankruptcy. It is just an interesting indicator of the general condition of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.


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