Ontario: The little engine that could in 2017.

There are many versions of “The Little Engine That Could.” There are also various claimed origins of the inspirational children’s story from as far as more than a century past. There are also many adult versions of the theme by many writers, prominent among them (and the most prolific) was the mid to late 20th Century works of American Minister Norman Vincent Peale. They all stress that a positive attitude that looks on the bright side of things can help in producing positive results. And why not?

It is our sincere wish that all Ontario citizens take that kind of positive attitude to their province in 2017. That is because Ontario can and should be that kind of economic engine for all of us. We just need to believe in it.

Leaving aside the desperate dearth of determined leadership of any of the political parties, Ontario is succeeding more despite Queen’s Park than because of it. Unemployment is not as bad as it was. The economy seems to be making a comeback. Who would believe that all the forecasts of doom and gloom were wrong?

It seems to us that the politicians should get rid of all those bankers who have been giving them bad advice. Who has ever heard of a banker who understood people or politics? Have you ever met a banker who understood positive communications? Bankers have three speeds: caution, slow and stop.

This province has opportunities to get into the fast lane and there appears to be nobody at Queen’s Park who understands that. For example, why are we doing drip torture with beer and wine at the grocery stores? It is time to stop being half pregnant. Open the doors to all grocery stores to sell beer and wine. Stop the silly procrastination.

And it seems to us that the Ottawa Liberals have a good idea to open the doors to international money markets to buy into Canadian infrastructure. We could have Ontario’s rail commuter lines electrified and speeded up far faster with the impetus of private investment in these future and growing money earners. And what about the high-speed rail corridor from Windsor to Quebec City? That is an investment that most international investors can understand. It is also very good for the environment.

Those are obvious and many more of us have strong ideas. We should be positive, believe in them and grow them. Because we can!


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