Can O’Leary cow Canadian conservatism?

This is pathetic. This guy Kevin O’Leary thinks he is the Canadian hope for conservatism. Waving a kitchen scraper, he is asking people to endorse him as Canada’s answer to Donald Trump. Frankly the best instrument for the job to be done in Ottawa is still a pitchfork.

You would think that O’Leary at 62 would already know what he wants to be when he grows up. His biography is particularly amusing when you find that most of what he learned about investing, he learned from his mother. The Ivey Business School at the University of Western Ontario does not seem to get any credit. In his books on investing, the credit could be shared. Never having appreciated his television persona, his books have little appeal for us.

And MP Kellie Leitch has already co-opted much of the Trump-style vote. Her thinly cloaked appeal to the bigots among us has struck a chord. Maybe we are hearing from more of her followers than we would wish for but they are a particularly vocal brand of malcontents. They even have some right-wing Liberals asking us to slow down on immigration. It makes you wonder if they think you only have a right to be Canadian if your ancestors have been here for more than 20 generations?

O’Leary will have his hardest time with opponents such as Michael Chong and Maxime Bernier. Both MPs know the party, speak its languages, know what is going on in Ottawa and have at least a reasonable base of support. You hardly expect O’Leary to jump into the fray and start slamming the motley crew of contenders.

Mind you, it is the very nature of the current lot of contenders that is attracting O’Leary and his backers. So far nobody is excited. Maybe it is just the nature of conservatives that they can all be boring.

The exception seems to be Chris Alexander. The very fact that he is a former MP is a hurdle that is tough to overcome. He seems to have one strong political faculty—he can lie with a straight face. Did you seem him directing that mob in Edmonton shouting to lock up Premier Notley and as soon as he realized it looked bad, he said he was trying to think of a way to stop them. He might have tried harder.

When starting this commentary, we were trying to think of a way to segue to Mrs. O’Leary’s cow who did everyone a favour and burned down Chicago back in its early days. It is the reason Chicago is such an attractive, bustling and well planned city today. Regrettably, we see no such future for Ottawa with Mrs. O’Leary’s kid at the helm of the Conservative Party of Canada.


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