One person can spoil your whole day.

No, this is not about the poor, sick misfit who is charged with murdering six Canadians in a Quebec City mosque. It is about the guilt we all share for bigotry world-wide. We share the guilt because we let it happen.

Sure, you can pile the guilt on the pathetic President of the United States. His Islamophobia, xenophobia, ego and careless actions might have triggered the event but he can hardly be the sole cause. Who lets him think he can blame an entire religion for his unfounded fears? Who are the fools who elected him? Who are the wimps who could have done a better job supporting his opponent? Why did the news media promote his lies and mistruths?

And how dare Chantal Hébert of the Toronto Star and the opposition in parliament lay any blame on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau? He has done the best job he can do within the bounds of diplomacy to show that Canada takes exception to the ham-fisted actions of that incompetent in the White House of our neighbour. We show decency by example, not shouting.

And who left retiring CBC news anchor Peter Mansbridge out in that biting, minus 20 degree cold in Quebec City without a hat the other night? It was hard to tell if the poor man was emotionally distraught because of the horrible subject he was trying to deal with or because he was freezing.

It is not the intent here to rub salt in such a terrible wound to the social fabric of Canada but that event is hardly the first example of bigotry getting out of hand. Nor is it that other parts of Canada are free of bigotry.

But Quebec has its own problems. From the historic complicity of the Catholic Church in discouraging interlopers, to the repressive padlock laws of Maurice Duplessis and even more recent PQ Charter of Values have encouraged distrust of non-conforming values. It’s the insular attitude that can create an environment with the potential to breed radicalization.

But what can stimulate a murderous rage against a religion that its Prophet conceived in peace and taught submission to God? Are we not centuries past the medieval crusades against Islam? What possible purpose is there in murdering people living so peacefully among us?

Maybe we will recognize our complicity in this, maybe not. It just seems so unlikely that there is more to this than a sick and sorrowful mind. To label him as terrorism is giving credit to the same sick minds murdering innocents in the Middle East.

But let us all take heed that evil can only exist when we fail to speak out against it.


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