We all need editors.

Wandering through the web site called Progressive Bloggers the other day, we found a writer who inadvertently referred to a clique as a ‘click.’ That is one way to get noticed! It happens to all of us though as we keyboard our frustrations without the aid of that second look.

That particular blog needed more than just an editor. It would have been more merciful to spike it. It called for an insurrection because Prime Minister Trudeau put an end to possible change in how we elect our members of parliament. Luckily, Canadians are more peaceful than that and his call is being ignored.

But it was read. He also wanted a People’s Reform Referendum—whatever that might be? This was also where the ‘click’ was noticed. He asked if Canadians should “let a small click (sic) of gutless politicians decide their political future?” Since that is what we elect them to do, there is an obvious answer to that question.

Are you still trying to get your mind around the idea of a People’s Reform Referendum? The writer thinks individuals across Canada would be willing to donate to pay for this idea. He thinks they should trust the Fair Vote Canada organization to run the referendum. And he even thinks that the New Democratic Party and the Greens would help launch the effort.

And who would be foolish enough to think Fair Vote Canada would be fair? It is hardly in that organization’s interest to be fair. It has been a lobby for proportional representation for the past sixteen years. It is a ‘Johnny-one-note’ group since it is modelled on the American organization.

Fair Vote’s claims for proportional representation border on the ludicrous. The organization claims that when parties supply their lists for appointment to a legislative body, they make sure that minorities are well represented. What really happens is that many pressure groups form their own parties in hopes a larger party, trying to form a government, will make a deal with them. The proportional system actually works against good government.

What people do not notice in their scurry to change how we vote is that Canadians have one of the best developed voting systems in the world. First-Past-the-Post is easy for everyone to understand, makes it easy to vote, easy to verify and we trust it. No system is perfect but we have been unable to find one better.


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