A cri de coeur for Canada’s Conservatives.

For the benefit of M.P. Kelly Leitch and that O’Leary person we should translate: a ‘cri de coeur’ is an impassioned plea from the heart. And that is what this is. Sometime in the next month, Babel-on-the-Bay will publish its morning line on the current Conservative Party of Canada leadership contest. This is a public service to assist conservatives, reporters and other political punters to establish a base line when analyzing the statistics for the rather large field of candidates.

And we respectfully ask that readers be aware that a morning line is not a prediction of a race’s outcome. It is an assessment of the political potential of the various candidates by a politico who has some expertise to share.

But by no stretch of the imagination would we try to forecast the moods and frustrations and motivations of the voting members of the Conservative Party of Canada. Whether an individual is a religious conservative, a financial conservative or just mean spirited is not something that you can easily tell at a glance.

And just because we gave Donald Trump longer odds than Hillary Clinton in the recent American fiasco, it hardly meant that he could not win.

The reason for our cri de coeur today is that there is a growing concern that the Conservative Party is letting all of us down. Maybe the party was just in power too long under that guy with the funny hairpiece. And that lady you have as interim leader is hardly showing the attention to detail that could keep the current prime minister’s nose to the grindstone, so to speak.

This is a call for Canada’s Conservatives to smarten up. You can hardly let the current mess in Alberta throw you off your game. And if the Conservatives there give that trouble-maker Kenney license to lead their provincial party, good luck! He has made it very clear that he intends to destroy the provincial party and replace it with the Wildrose Party.

The facts are that we have a situation in Ottawa today where we have a lame-duck opposition. We have a prime minister learning his job with limited critiquing. And there is very little time left to find which one of those no-name candidates has the potential to make the right kind of name for himself or herself.

The only good news for you today is that the federal New Democrats are in far worse shape. They do not even have any real candidates.


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