Does anyone trust Trump?

It seems that the only thing we can count on U.S. President Trump to do is the wrong thing. Some people accuse his supporters of believing what he tells them. Yet the only thing they seem to believe is that he will annoy everybody else. It is something like taking an angry rattlesnake to a Saturday night hoedown. You really have no idea what that rattler is going to do but you are going to enjoy the resulting chaos.

And honestly, would you let this guy arrange your news conferences? Cannot you just see the laughter of Trump’s supporters as he gets even with the liberal news media for them? It is not that they really believe that the news media feeds them false news; they just want to believe it. It makes them feel better about their own prejudices.

There is really no solace in thinking of Trump’s supporters as being stupid. These are the people who feed Donald Trump’s ego. They reinforce him. He is having another rally this weekend to remind him of the halcyon days of his campaign. It was those large crowds who stimulated and boosted him. It was a better high than cocaine could give him. He could tell them anything and they would scream for more.

It is a symbiotic relationship. It has always been the same for dictators and their followers. Adolf Hitler could scream invective at Jews, Gypsies, bankers and communists and his followers would scream back their concurrence. Fidel Castro could go on for hours railing against the Americans and their Mafia and his followers in the thousands could keep him orating.

What was wrong at that news conference at the White House recently was that it was a whim of the President. He wanted to pull himself out of a funk and thought he would feel better if he could abuse the media. It failed to work. The President had his direction and the media had something of an equal and opposite direction and both sides failed. The media had no idea what to make of it. They think they will look silly if they come down to his level to play.

But the answer to all the media’s questions will be at the rally in Florida this weekend. People will come thousands of miles to give Trump their unqualified support. He is their President. He will tell them whatever he feels like telling them. The media will take notes. The media will fact check. And Trump’s supporters will not give a damn. They ignore the mainstream media anyway.


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