Of politicians and sleeping dogs.

It is hard to believe that anyone would want former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney to be brought out of retirement—even just to sing an Irish ballad! And for those of us who have always considered Mulroney the epitome of sleaze in Canadian politics, he should be right at home in the loving arms of his good friend Donald Trump.

Brian Mulroney has been constantly surprised throughout his life at how much he could achieve. The achievements were helped by a somewhat serious lack of scruples. From that time, in the early 1980s when he brought down his ‘friend’ Joe Clark, Mulroney built his dreams on the backs of those he climbed over to get to the top. When he finally read the portends and got out before the election debacle of 1993, he was the most reviled prime minister in Canadian history.

It is not that Brian Mulroney is not a pleasant person. If you are of any importance at all, he will cozy up to you. All he wants to know is what you can do for him. He was close pals with U.S. President Ronald Regan but nobody knows just how far Regan was lost to Alzheimer’s at the time.

He has been buddies with Donald Trump for the past 25 years. The Donald likes being buddy-buddy with a former prime minister and Brian seems to be most at home with billionaires. God forbid that he does not have his gated community in Florida to get away from those rotten Canadian winters.

Maybe it is Brian who told his friend Donald that the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) needs some tweaking. After all, Brian gave away the store when his people negotiated the original deal. Canada has been bleeding away manufacturing jobs ever since.

But it is Mulroney’s contacts with the senior Republicans and their minions in Washington that has brought him out of retirement. These people are all reassuring the Canadians that President Trump will be Canada’s friend.

Mind you, come the day that Trump wakes with a belly-ache, all bets are off. He will strike out at the first thing he sees among the ‘fake’ news of the nation’s television networks.

And Brian Mulroney will be sleeping in at his Florida retreat. Can you not see the sign: do not disturb!


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