Brown and Kenney: Contemporary Conservatives.

Conservative Leader Patrick Brown in Ontario and his friend Jason Kenney who is considered the front-runner in the race for the Alberta Conservative party leadership are surprisingly similar. They both lack political scruples, their lives are dedicated to their ambitions and they are not about to let anything stand in their way.

Neither of the two bachelors appear interested in women. It is believed that it was Kenney supporters in Alberta who drove the two women in that race to withdraw as candidates. They could not handle the misogynistic attacks against them. And they were not about to be attracted to Jason Kenney’s ‘Unite the Right’ campaign.

Brown defeated a strong woman candidate in the Ontario race by signing up tens of thousands of Hindu and Muslim Immigrants from India and Pakistan as temporary members of the party. Nobody in the Ontario party seems to care whether or not these people paid their own membership fees.

Both Brown and Kenney were raised Roman Catholic and are at home with the social conservative right. In Ottawa, neither ever voted for women’s rights. Brown is currently on the outs with the social conservative factions in Ontario. He deserted them because he knows he has to appeal to the more centrist Conservatives in that province to win. Kenny can stay to the social conservative right.

Kenney’s pitch in Alberta is that he wants the leadership of the Conservatives so he can wrap the party into the more radical Wildrose Party and create the united right that he thinks can win the province. This is also a more extremist right than some of Alberta’s current progressive conservatives are willing to support and a possible outcome of this is the rebuilding of a stronger Alberta Liberal Party.

The only difference that we are seeing in Ontario is that Brown is already flailing away at the Ontario Liberal government. While he has absolutely no idea what to do about the electricity production and distribution problems in the province, he hopes it is the Liberal’s Achilles’ heel. He has also helped bring Ontario doctors to the point of destroying their medical association. The cancer currently ravaging the doctors’ organization is caused by the greed and lack of cooperation among specialists. And the hierarchies among the profession could use lessons in democracy—that they will not get from Patrick Brown and friends.

But Kenney has no worry about that situation. Alberta doctors are already the highest paid in Canada.


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