When in doubt do nothing.

Is this the new political mantra? At all levels of government, we are seeing variations of stalactites and stalagmites frozen in their political positions as the world revolves around their caves.

From their superior position hanging down from above, the stalactites in Ottawa are the most obvious. With the government digging into a ‘wait and see’ attitude with Donald Trump. Will he swing right or left in his journey of mayhem in the American presidency?

Or is that an excuse that adds nothing to this game of musical chairs that is politics? It must be the case in Ontario. In that province, we have three political mice eying the cheese of victory at the polls. The first mouse will be the one to spring the trap and then the other two will feast on cheese and fresh meat.

Even at the lowly level of beginner stalagmites hugging the floors of the long-ago etched caverns of politics, cities such as Toronto are calling for attention. Will the Scarborough area ever get its foolish subway to nowhere? Or will it reach out with properly distributed transit across its urban sprawl?

And all of these spurious promises deal in the billions. What is a few billion in promises? They are all just echoes in the caverns of political shouting.

There are four more years for our federal ball boys (and girls) to quiver in anticipation of Mr. Trump’s next serve—hopefully another net ball. Will he insist on changes in our trade agreement? Or will we just watch while he expends his careless bigotry south of the Rio Grande?

By the end of this year we should see some more focussed and longer term opposition in Ottawa. The attention will not be as dominated by our poster-boy prime minister.

Next spring will bring more than flowers to Ontario. Expect a cat fight and you will get a cat fight. We can only hope that it is not just between the Conservatives and the New Democrats.

There is also a political event in British Columbia as our fun-loving citizens of the setting sun go to the polls. They have a government of pipeline hypocrites to defeat.

Come to think of it: was it not our environmentalist hero, our prime minister who approved that twinned pipeline abomination across the Rockies?


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