A rookie mistake in Don Valley North.

In October last year we wrote some personal comments about the area of Don Valley North electoral district in Toronto. The wife and I had our home there in that part of North York for more than 20 years. It was just down the street and around the corner from the historic home of former Conservative Premier George S. Henry. We raised our children. We made many lasting friendships. We were active in politics. In the story, I even used the personal pronoun “I” in writing about those years.

But times change. The Caplan’s—mother and son—came and went. Ethnic rivalries became dominant and were foolishly used instead of contained. The Liberal Party in the area lacked the leadership it needed. Like any organization, the party needed to be maintained by people who cared.

The Ontario Liberal Party hit its lowest point the other day when Premier Kathleen Wynne announced the appointment of a candidate in Don Valley North for the provincial election to be held next year. There was no pretense at democratic process. The liberals of the electoral district were denied their right to choose their candidate. This is the way the Liberal Party now denies the intent and strengths of its origins.

It is really too bad that Premier Wynne lacks any understanding of this area of the old municipality of North York. It was the area in 1837 that gave support to the Upper Canada Rebellion. It was a gathering area for the march down Young Street. They wanted to fight the undemocratic Family Compact and the British troops.

Upper Canada’s problems today are even more egregious. We are faced with an election in a year. It will be a contest between the failing family compact of Premier Wynne, the incompetence of a Conservative putz named Brown and a New Democratic leader who is going nowhere. With a combination such as that, we might all end up at the first tavern on our way to vote.

While we have absolutely no idea why Kathleen Wynne’s friend Shelley Carroll thinks she can be helpful at Queen’s Park, she should learn about that electoral district first. Those are the people she thinks she can represent. First, she has to earn their respect. Starting as a candidate appointed by Kathleen Wynne is not exactly an encouraging endorsement.


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