Spicer embarrasses all press secretaries.

Donald Trump’s press secretary Sean Spicer is earning press secretaries a bad name. You would like to think it is not because he is totally incompetent. He might just have an impossible task for an impossible client. President Trump does not make the job any easier.

We used to refer to President George W. Bush as Bush-league but Donald Trump has brought forward an entirely new perspective.

Can you imagine the White House news media hounds finding the president’s press secretary hiding in the White House bushes?

He said if they would turn out the lights, he would talk to them. We understand imparting deep cover stories but we never insisted that they be imparted in the dark.

But what we are finding out now is that President Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey might not have been as non-partisan as it was originally reported. (Is anything Trump does non-partisan?) It seems President Trump was in a pique about Comey wanting to dig into Trump’s relations with his friend Vladimir Putin of Russia. He just wanted to end Comey’s tenure before Comey could interfere with Trump’s tenure in the White House.

Which is surprising. Judging by what Trump has been saying, he does not even seem to like the White House. It probably is less significant to a guy who likes building great phallic towers.

Nor does Trump seem to like the job of president. He would rather play golf. All these interminable briefings and meetings are starting to bore him.

Luckily, he is going to travel shortly. He is ignoring the tradition of visiting Canada first. Some 33 million Canadians are pleased.

But he will visit the Pope in Rome. The Pope is known for his calm and patience. Trump will try that.

And then he will be off to visit Prime Minister “Bibi” Netanyahu in Israel. On his trip, he will also get to be lionized by the Royal House of Saud. Then he can come back and tell Americans how tough the job of president can be.


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